Mindful Men's Council (Online Meeting)

Next Session - Wednesday, February 24th from 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Mindful Men's Council is a forum for men to share their thoughts, emotions, challenges, and successes in order to develop a more integrated experience of life.

Each meeting follows a structure that combines contemplative, expressive, and conversational practices.

Starting with Meditation

Before stepping into Council, the first 10 minutes are spent in a silent settling and refocusing of the mind. This practice of your choice is intended to help each individual to see their thoughts more clearly while calming the emotions that may obscure them.

Sharing through Council

Traditionally completed with a talking piece, each individual is given time to share whatever is on their mind. Uninterrupted, this time is simply to express whatever you are thinking and feeling. 

During this time each individual is asked to follow these guidelines:

  • One person at a time
  • Speak from the Heart
  • Listen with the Heart
  • Allow for Spontaneity
  • Mutual Confidentiality

Collaborating through Discussion

When each person has shared, our format changes into an open discussion where individuals may raise a challenging experience or thought that holds tension.

At this time the facilitator will ask this person to share and specify the type of support they would like from the group.

  1. Listen Only - Listen with compassion and selfless attention to the speaker. 
  2. Reflections Only - Reflect on your personal experience and share empathic connections that are relevant to the conflict raised. 
  3. Coaching - Ask questions to explore the language, assumptions, and beliefs that relate to their conflict.

If asking for coaching, the facilitator will ask for permission to inquire further in order to explore the challenge in alternative ways. If others in the group would like to pose a question, they may ask the individual and receive consent to engage as well.

Unless otherwise requested, Reflections and Coaching are not forms of advice and should not be used to tell the individual what to do, but only to provide perspective and further inquiry.


Over the final minutes of our council, each person will share their Take-Aways from the evening and add closing thoughts in a Talking Circle style.

Meetings are Monthly,  Free, and limited to 10 total individuals.

Checkout below to receive your Zoom entry code or send an email to Steven at AscentMindset@gmail.com for more information.