Individual Coaching w/ Steven

What is coaching?

    A way to recognize where you are, where you want to be, and ways to overcome obstacles to that goal.

    Within each session, we will explore thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and images that reveal hidden aspects of yourself within the container of a safe and confidential environment. This may include exploration of your values, goals, desires, and relationships, as well as beliefs and their impact on your ability to find a happy and fulfilling life.

    What does a session look like?

    Depending on the client, sessions can look very different.

    • For some, they will include mindfulness practices and the sharing of tools and techniques to build a stronger foundation of self-awareness.
    • For others, it may be a conversation framed around a specific area of inquiry that requires some excavation and exploration into the assumptions of one's self or others that needs to be resolved.
    • At other times, visualization and interaction with metaphors and the wisdom of the body are utilized in a psychosomatic conversation to realize the purpose and resolution of emotional tension.
    • Finally, sessions may include use of specific toolsor structures that bring abstract thoughts or beliefs into more concrete terms. This can include creation of a hierarchy of relationships, wants/needs list, Eisenhower Matrix or goal setting structures among others. 

    What coaching is not:

    • Directive. Every session is client-led and non-directive meaning that the subject of inquiry, depth of its exploration, and ideas for its resolution are all those of the client. I will not tell you what to do. That said, the coach's role is to challenge any limitations that are self-imposed and dig deeper into their resolution.
    • Therapy. While we are looking at thoughts and emotions as they impact our daily lives, coaching is not a substitute for therapy and its ability to heal trauma from our past experiences. If I recognize that a specific trauma is beyond my skill set and specialty, I will refer clients to a therapist who can provide the needed support. 
    • Passive. Every session requires the collaborative effort of coach and client in order to explore and find effective techniques that work for you. A coach is not a teacher instilling information on their student, but a partner guiding you inward. Your full attention and presence is required.

    What does the client need?

    Trust in your coach and a high willingness to explore and learn about yourself.

    While sessions may be deeply challenging and revealing of the truth of one's self, a perspective of curiosity and willingness to take responsibility and integrate what you discover is up to you. It is also important to bring a foundation of self-awareness and self-study that can inform our inquiry. This modality believes that each client has the wisdom and tools to solve their own challenges. The question is how willing you are to do this. 

    Healing occurs when we accept the truth of our experience and allow ourselves to grow from the challenges of our past. This is the fuel that ignites our greatest gifts.

    If you have more questions or are curios about an Exploratory Session, please reach out! All sessions are completed with Steven via Phone or Zoom as mutually decided. 

    Pricing is conducted on a sliding scale and varies with packages and financial situation:

    • First session is FREE
    • $60 - 100 per hour

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