What is Ascent Mindset

With over a decade of refinement through climbing, yoga, self-study, and formal education, Ascent Mindset serves as a unique blend of practices for introspection, expression, and connection in a modern world.

Meet Your Guide

Starting from a regular yoga practice established in 2009 and 200 hour YTT at Mosaic (San Diego, CA) in 2013, Steven's teaching style aims at the integrated nature of our experiences. Often prefaced with a practical application of philosophy into daily life, his yoga classes explore the human experience to create integrity physically and mentally, internally and externally. In the same thread, the integration of mindfulness in all areas of life has been a natural progression that shows up in Ascent Mindset's foundation and growth.

Integrity is Integrated

Strongly catalyzed by climbing, Steven recognized that when we are unaware of ourselves, it is difficult to understand the true root of our challenges or how to resolve them. When on rock, this became obvious when his head space would limit his physical ability, and vice versa.

By blending mindfulness practices and the challenges that climbing provides, Ascent Mindset became a medium for workshops and retreats where participants could recognize their habitual thoughts and actions that perpetuate pain, anxiety, or rumination while impeding contentment.


Desiring to expand the metaphor beyond climbing and address mental barrier in all areas of life, Steven studies Transformational Coaching through Animas Centre for Coaching (London, UK). In this conversational format, he blends mindfulness teachings and incisive questions with a humanistic approach in order to uncover the inherent intelligence within his clients. This collaborative process functions upon the belief that each individual knows what is best for themselves if only they can recognize and remove obstacles in their mindset. If you want to know more about coaching or are ready for your first free Coaching session, click HERE.

Men's Work

In our ever-changing world, men's role in society is adapting and needs a conscious shift. Stemming from his personal struggles with purpose, relationships, and spirituality through much of his life, Steven eventually found tools and guides to help him shift his mindset and realize his role as a man. Due to his personal journey and the profound impact of other guides in his life, Steven serves to help facilitate the internal evolution of Mindful Men in order to nurture a new balance between the masculine and feminine. By sharing his experience and establishing a forum for honest and open expression between men, the blend of introspection, expression, and connection serve as broad categories that bring presence, gratitude, and purpose back into daily life. Check out Mindful Men's Council to learn more.

Group Dynamics and Partner Coaching

Knowing that integration is important for all people to have healthy and fulfilling relationships, Steven continues to offer Breathwork, Workshops, Retreats, Ceremonies, and Partner Coaching in collaboration with his partner Anika Spencer (Yogi Gone Rogue) in order to facilitate personal growth in a group setting.

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